Belje Wines

Šandora Petefija 2,
Kneževi Vinogradi

T: +385 31 790 235
+385 31 790127
M: +385 91 1790881

Working hours:
10 am - 5 pm (Monday-Saturday), appointment needed

Belje Wines are the biggest Croatian grapes producer on its own vineyards that stretch along the sunny slopes of Banovo Hill in Croatian Danube region. On 650 hectares of vineyards dominates grasevina, the most common Croatian wine variety. Red wines of Belje are merlot, cabernet sauvignon and frankonia.

In the middle of the vineyards there is a modern wine complex with total capacity of 8 million liters. In the near village named Counts Vineyards there is an old wine cellar that dates back to 1526. In the old wine cellar wines age in wooden barells made from Slavonian oak.

Belje wines continuously wins quality medals on domestic and international wine tastings. Goldberg grasevina (single vineyard wine) is the most awarded grasevina in Croatia.

Tourist offer:
Vineyards and winery tours, old wine cellar tours, wine and domestic food tasting


Osijek-Baranja County


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