• Surface area: 12,486 km2
  • Vineyards area: 2,800 ha
  • Annual production of grasevina : 10 million liters

Vineyard subregions of eastern continental Croatia, Slavonija and Danube region are positioned at the 45th parallel, on which are also positioned the worldwide famous wine areas of French Bordeaux and Italian Piedmont. The history of wine growing and the beginning of wine production goes all the way to the 1st century A.D. and the age of Romans. The whole area developed throughout history into a rich eno-gastro point. In the fertile plains intersected by fertile ploughlands raise the hills covered in vineyards, and especially within the borders of three big rivers – the Danube, the Drava and the Sava.


Alongside the numerous & thick inhabitated villages, the region also has several cities known by their millenial tradition & history. Osijek, with its historical core called Tvrdja, is the centre of the whole region, in which the baroque cities of Pozega and Djakovo with its cathedral also stand out. There are lots of great vineyard positions for grasevina – Turkovic, Mitrovac, Mandicevac, Vinkomir, Krnjevac, Vetovo.

Croatian Danube

Croatian part of Danube connects Baranja & Srijem, two significant wine regions known by graševina. Multiculturality & rich gastronomical offer are the most important characteristics of the area where towns of Vukovar & Ilok are, origins of some of the oldest cultures on the European ground. Vineyard locations known by its extraordinary graševina are – Goldberg, Principovac, Vukovo, Vucedol.


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