Grasevina festival in Kutjevo

Grasevina festival in Kutjevo

05. 05. 2017.

Final manifestation of this year Grasevina Festival that was held on 11th June, offered different content, both educational and entertainment character. Interested visitors had the opportunity to taste different, primarily Slavonian products, as well as enjoy listening different perfomers playing traditional entertainment music and rock music.

Within Grasevina Festival, evaluation of wines was held on 20th May. Wine varities that were evaluated were grasevina, as well as other white and red wines. There were 149 samples in total; 123 grasevine and 26 samples of other wine varities.


Udruga Graševina Croatica
Europske avenije 13
31 000 Osijek
+ 385 99 659 51 58