En primeur of grasevina, posip and other wine varities

En primeur of grasevina, posip and other wine varities

05. 05. 2017.

5th wine tasting En Primeur, organized by the associations Grasevina Croatica, Wines of Dalmatia, Hillside Croatia and under the auspices of the Winemakers Association of the Croatian Chamber of Economy,, was held on Monday, 8th February, in hotel Esplanade, Zagreb. New vintage 2015. was introduced – a year that has everyone expecting excellent results. Visitors tasted young wines coming from two of the most important white wines typical for Slavonia and Dalmatia – grasevina and posip – and wine varities typical for hillside Croatia. 55 croatian winemakers that work with these wine varities participated on manifestation.

Association Grasevina Croatica introduced grasevina with more wineries than last year. 21 wineries were introduced, which is a good sign of growth, quality and interest.

„Grasevina is typical for Slavonia and Podunavlje, which is why this area is represented and based mostly on this wine. When it comes to other wine varities (30-40%) that will be presented as young wines, we talk about sauvignon, pinot, chardonnay, and some of the red wine varities such as frankovka and pinot black.

Looking back on recent years, we would like to point out that the vintage 2015. was a very good vintage – those wines can already be found on market, especially grasevina. Vintage 2014. was demanding and hard, and for now, wineries offer more vintage 2013. That means that wineries will appear on markets with the vintage 2015. – black wines precisely, because of the mentioned vintage 2014.

We are in a progress of releasing fresh young wines on the market. We expect of those wines to be exceptional because they are fresh, formed with great aromas and flavors, drinkable and light.“ – said Vlado Krauthaker, president of the association Grasevina Croatica.

Association Wines of Dalmatia introduced us with 10 winemakers that nurture croatian wine posip, who is becoming more and more appreciated.

Posip is a  leading white wine in Dalmatia. It is opening up a way on the market to some interesting white wine varities such as debit, grk, maraština (rukatac), kujundžuša, bogdanuša, etc.

„2015.vintage was very challenging due to the extreme terms in vineyards (long term period of drought was ended with the rainy period) which we have managed to overcome by choosing the perfect moment of harvesting and with modern tehnology in our cellars.

That is the reason why we expect that Pošip 2015., who is coming soon on the market, will be exceptional wine with it’s typical aroma, freshness and delicat texture. Our other white wines from Dalmatia are also expected to have same characteristics, as well as good fruitiness and freshness.“ – said Marko Šuman, board president for enology in the Association Wines of Dalmatia.

Hillside Croatia was presented by 24 wineries coming from Moslavina, Prigorje-Bilogore, Zagorje-Međimurje and Plešivica. This region is characterizied by diversity of assortment – alongside with graševina, there are other wine varities there such as Chardonnay, Rajnski rizling, Sauvignon, Pinot and Rizvanac. Some regions presented wines that are protected in those areas such as Kraljevina in Zelina, Pušipela in Međimurje and Škrleta in Moslavina.

„Vintage 2015. from Hillside Croatia are  famous for it’s freshness, recognizable flavors, harmonious structure, and are very drinkable. Many of them are already on the market, and some of them are yet to come in the form of top quality wines from regular vintage, champaignes and highly praised wines.“– said Jasminka Šiško from the Association Hillside Croatia.

En Primeur is known as respectable and specific wine tasting. It has a long tradition in France and it is a great opportunity for professionals, caterers, merchants and wine lovers to get acquainted with young wines. This tradition is less known in Croatia, but popularity and number of visitors are growing each year. With the date that it’s being held, En Primeur is being perfectly harmonized with the preparations for tourist season in Croatia.


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