Grasevina is the most widespread wine variety in Croatia, and it is in 15th place in the world in spread It is a variety of white wine typical for Central Europe, which was brought here by the Roman emperor Probus and wine experts worldwide consider the Croatian Danube region its homeland. Right here, in the eastern part of Croatia, Grasevina found its ideal growing conditions and it became so popular that it is considered a domestic wine type. Grasevina is a variety that can give numerous and various types of wine, from fresh and aromatic simple wines to structured and outstanding predicate wines of late harvests or ice wines. Grasevina’s typical characteristics are its sourness and mild almondy bitterness in the aftertaste.


Serving and food pairing

Young grasevina wine’s greenish-yellow colour exudes freshness and produces green apple over the nose, mixed with glimpses of pear and vineyard peach. Mature predicate wines are crystal gold with considerably intense aroma hinting honey notes. Young grasevina is served chilled to 10 degrees Centigrade with freshwater fish and seafood cold appetizers, white meat risotto and pasta, but also Kulen (traditional smoked flavoured sausage made from best pork meat).

Mature wines are served chilled to 12 degrees Centigrade with roasted pork or young veal, but also with homemade cakes.

Sausages and Kulen Young cheese (cow milk) Local specialities (river fish) White meat Roast pork Fruit cakes Homemade Slavonia cakes
Young grasevina
Agged grasevina
Late harvest grasevina



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